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Welcome to The Man Who Sold the Web

The purpose of this site is simple. It is to help hard working individuals build autoscale, autopilot web sites that add value. Allow me to elaborate...

  • Autoscale – Almost every site I build has over 5K pages. Many have over one million. These are not pages that are manually created. That would take forever. Autoscale sites organically scale in size. They are designed this way. An example of an autoscale site would be a niche search engine. For every search performed, a new page with unique content is created. Another example is a social bookmarking site. With each new user, a profile is created; with each submission, several new page are created; as submissions accumulate, archive pages are created. Therefore, with time, more and more pages are naturally created. From a SEO and monetization perspective, there are immense advantages to having a site of scale—especially one that scales automatically.

  • Autopilot – Sites on autopilot require minimal upkeep. They become a source of passive, residual income. This is just like rental properties—except this is virtual real estate. (Thinking of 4-Hour Work Week?) Whether you are looking to have a lifestyle job, or just to free up time to start your next project, there are clear advantages to having a site that runs on autopilot.

  • Add Value – For an online business to be truly sustainable, it needs to add true value to your consumer. It should have a value proposition that offers tangible convenience, satisfying a tangible need. A blog that spins articles (mostly into gibberish) for the sole purpose of creating affiliate leads adds no value. In fact, it is spam.

With the above 3 criteria, a number of sites and business models are ruled out. We're not after the small Wordpress blog (not autoscale!). We're not after the VC-backed Internet startup banking on the IPO (not autopilot!). We're not after Pay-per-Click arbitrage (no value add!).

To see an actual, live example of a site that fits this model, check out my live SEO case study, where I build a niche job search engine. More examples and related articles are found on my blog.


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